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Day system cleaning workers

 * We give you all the guarantees you need to make you feel safe.

* We are committed to quality, efficiency and accuracy in appointing each employee at the highest level of experience.

skill and quality
Integrity and commitment
Competitive Prices
The extent of customer satisfaction

house cleaning

Carpet and rug washing

Furniture cleaning

glass building facades

Cleaning farms and gardens

Post construction cleaning

Cleaning wooden surfaces

Furniture Packaging

On-site brush cleaning

Residential complex cleaning

Cleaning of commercial complexes

Cleaning furnished and unfurnished apartments

Swimming pool cleaning

well cleaning

mosque cleaning

Cleaning villas and palaces

Cleaning and disinfecting water tanks

Cleaning kitchens and restaurants

Cleaning schools and universities

Cleaning ceilings and walls

spraying insecticides

Dry clean cars

Do you want to do a dry clean and a comprehensive cleaning of your car?

We do interior and exterior cleaning of cars using the latest equipment and the finest sterile materials.

Car exterior cleaning

Indoor Dry Clean

What about hotel and corporate services?

Al Lamsa Cleaning Services Company is the strongest and best in the Kingdom. Be confident that you have chosen the best option to work with us, as we will be at your best belief in us.

Make sure that the customer who will make the reservation after our company finishes cleaning and sterilizing the place will be extremely satisfied and pleased.

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